• 新奥/西奥社团参加2024“新春花市同乐日”表演



  • 西奥·新奥庆新春迎元宵节


    万众欢腾贺新春,千家万户庆元宵! 2023年2月4号元宵节前夕,奥克兰西区华人协会和新奥华人社团联合会在TeAtatu半岛社区中心大厅联合举办了《庆新春迎元宵三代同乐华人华侨联欢会》 这次活动在协会理事全体成员和协会骨干会员们团结努力以及在TeAtatu半岛社区中心和西区体育局的大力支持下获得了圆满成功。在此向他们表示衷心的感谢!


  • Waitakere Chinese Association Celebrating Moon Festival 2021


    Waitakere Chinese Association Mid-Autumn Festival celebration was original scheduled at September 22, 2021, but the celebration cannot be held due to the lockdown. In order to relieve the homesickness and the difficulty of family reunion in a foreign land, our association prepared a box of small moon cakes for everyone. Since it could not be sent out on time during the COVID-19 level 4 alert...

  • Waitakere Chinese Association 2021 Dragon Boat Festival celebration


    The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. In order to make the Overseas Chinese in Auckland, feel New Zealand as a home, the Waitakere Chinese Association held a celebration at Te Pae o Kura Activity Centre 126 Awaroa Road, Sunnyvale, Auckland From 9 am to 5pm at Jun 11 and Jun 12. The first day is Zongzi (Rice dumpling) making workshop and the second day is wonderful per...

  • One to One Covid-19 Counselling Service


    According to the records of the association on November 11, 2021, nearly 150 members were lost contact. In order to further assist the government in promoting the COVID-19 vaccination, ensure the health and safety of all WCA members, a 15 person "WCA COVID-19 vaccination promotion Team" was specially organized. The tasks of the team members are: 1. Each person is responsible for contacting 10 lost...

  • Waitakere Chinese Association Events


    Waitakere Chinese Association is designed to provide a platform for all the Chinese descents to exercise, relax and socialise so that West Auckland Chinese people can communicate in a familiar and comfortable environment , gather information and integrate into the local community.

    List of the activities: Ping pong;dancing(ethnic dance and open air fitness dancing ); Diabolo playin...

  • Waitakere Chinese Association Celebrating Moon Festival sponsored by the Henderson-Massey Local Board


    Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 am Monday, 26 October 2020

    Location: Waitamata Rugby Club, 96 Swanson Road, Henderson

    The performances include dance, singing, folk art and dragon dance, and a large-scale lottery will be held in the event


  • Waitakere Chinese Association celebrates Christmas and New Year's party!


    On December 17, 2019, Waitakere Chinese Association held a cultural performance and a dinner event to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Despite the heavy rain that day, it still could not stop members from rushing to participate. Dance, Tai Chi Fan, Diabolo, Tai Chi Sword, Dragon Dance, Chorus, Cheongsam Show and other shows, all of which were full of enthusiasm and vitality, won cheers and ...